Access it when you want and from any device you want. You don't need to install anything.


Content is updated frequently and url's that no longer work are removed on a regular basis.

Curated content

Our team works hard to curate, rate and analyze resources for you, so you don't have to!

Save money

With our innovative product you literally save 1000's of dollars since the average rate of an career counselor in 2017 was 150$/h.

Different roles

Specific interview questions for Jr.Software Engineer, Sr.Software Engineer, UI/UX Designer, Data Scientist, Project Manager role. With many more coming...

Famous founders

We include CV's from original founders of companies such as Apple, Google, Tesla/SpaceX and many more.

For everyone

Are you a student pursuing internship or a first job? Are you a professional and want to switch careers? We have you covered.

Number of resources

We include more than 130 high quality, curated and rated resources. From CV samples to mock interview sample videos conducted by employees of Fortune 500 companies.

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